This is no Shepherd Fairey self-made spectacle, these Toynbee ideas. Whomever is (or was, or has been) responsible wasn’t trying to snag a review in graduate classes or be profiled as The New Enigma in glossy hipster magazines. The originator had a real message, real fears involving the Soviets, the Jews, the Mafioso, and the Media, and wanted us to know about it. He suffered the rare and beautiful and horrifying experience of total rapt possession, of belief in a cause and the willingness to disseminate it.

A persecution complexed paranoiac? Well, maybe. That’s probably not our place to say. But what is You Will Make and Glue Tiles if not a cri de coeur? And, of course, whose?

It’s all been covered: James Morasco died in 2003, which, some say, is when originals stopped appearing for a short while (copycats abound, or so it seems). Railroad Joe Julius Piroli, about whom not much is known

Meanwhile, I’m compelled to make and glue tiles myself, you know, because I must(!!)

The experts (and how glorious it is that it has its own EXPERTS) claim they know the answers, and they seem to have protected them under the buttoned lip of capitalism (watch the movie to have the answer revealed!). Which is, in a nice paradoxical way, the media controlling the message. Which seemed to have been one of the tiler’s fears.

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